The Omega Speedmaster ’57 Jean Lassaussois view of the shop ‘s watches Paris

The Omega Speedmaster ’57 Jean Lassaussois view of the shop ‘s watches Paris
A brand new Omega Speedmaster has arrived in stores: Omega Speedmaster ’57 , a beautiful bicompax clock / date 41.5 mm ( stainless steel case ) with the 9300 co- axial manufacture caliber . Blue dial version has particularly attracted Jean Lassaussois the shop ‘s watches Paris who returns in detail the specifics of this new model sold 6,700 euros.


Omega Speedmaster ’57
Since its launch there 56 years … The Speedmaster and timeless design embody the ultimate chronograph … Omega Watches  Especially in France . If it is known to have participated in numerous space expeditions , including six lunar missions , the famous “Speed” was born more than ten years before man set foot on the moon for the first time …

This year Omega decided to change the icon of the brand Biel with the arrival on the market of ’57 Speedmaster , a new model ” designed to write its own history while paying homage to its legendary predecessor ,” said the brand in a statement.
Replica Omega Watches
“I was immediately seduced by this dual counter dial and date a beautiful blue ,” said emphatically Jean Lassaussois founder and owner of the shop ‘s watches Paris . ” This beautiful clock, Replica Omega Watches  which is in the same spirit as his illustrious predecessor has in this new version of a stainless steel case 41.5 mm. Note the presence of horns that go straight to the case and strap are an obvious reference to the first Speedmaster 1957

Zenith El Primero Lightweight : heavy for a light weight !

Zenith El Primero Lightweight : heavy for a light weight !
Zenith has introduced an exciting evolution of the famous Zenith El Primero : the Lightweight version , which as its name suggests, is a lightweight lap with a box of 45 mm carbon housing the legendary El Primero caliber made ​​by titanium and silicon ! Measuring time passing is done on a skeleton dial which further reduces this timepiece unconventional which will be published within a hundred copies worldwide . Ultrasportive a piece for avid collector .


Zenith El Primero Lightweight
At its launch in 1969, Zenith Watches the El Primero caliber shoved all watchmaking codes of the time in establishing himself as the first automatic chronograph movement with integral construction of history . Fighting , in addition to the exceptional frequency of ten vibrations per second ( 36,000 vibrations per hour ) , “there is still the chronograph caliber of the world’s most accurate series ” provides brand in a statement .

Over the years , Zenith has continued to develop this movement … The legendary brand with the star also noted the challenge of combining the high frequency chronograph to other complications such as the tourbillon, perpetual calendar or the split . In 2010, Zenith has reinvented the ” jumping seconds ” by presenting the model El Primero Striking 10th . With a central hand performing ten jumps per second and a round dial in ten seconds, chronograph can not only measure, but also to show the tenth of a second with extreme precision reading . To improve the efficiency of this mechanism requires a lot of energy , the Le Locle in particular used a dual wheel chronograph silicon , a material three lighter than conventional alloys and a half times .

Today, Zenith began a new turn by unveiling a sportier version and more avant-garde chronograph El Primero Striking 10th . Watchwords : lightness, performance and originality. Engineers and watchmakers of the Manufacture have received the mission to minimize the weight of the watch, naturally , without compromising the accuracy, robustness and reliability !

The feat began with the movement … Based on its recent research related to new materials, Zenith chose a lightweight metal titanium – resistant , widely used in aviation, but particularly difficult to work – to machine the main elements of motion , heavier when made ​​of brass , that the plate and five bridges ( barrel bridge rocker , anchor bridge, said anchor and the chronograph wheel ) . Replica Zenith Watches The factory has also retained the double chronograph wheel silicon by adding an anchor and escapement wheel made ​​in the same high-tech lightweight, nonmagnetic harder material than steel and guarantees excellent performance . The result is a gain of about one quarter of the weight of the engine, which displays a small 15.45 g ( 21.10 g against a similar standard movement).
 Replica Zenith Watches
Side dressing, designers have reworked and slightly enlarged to 45 mm the original 42 mm in diameter of the El Primero Striking 10th aiming , again , maximum lightness wrist . The choice of carbon, with its beautiful black color and “checkerboard” effect reminiscent of the competition, fulfills these requirements while strengthening the technical and sporty look of the clock. The internal structure of the case is veneered aluminum , an advanced material blends also reduced weight , strength and hardness (1800 Vickers, against 160-200 for steel 316L) . Both chronograph buttons and crown are also titanium . The horns perforated ( for even more light ) highlight the aerodynamic profile of the show . They also offer a perfect connection with integrated black rubber strap and high performance synthetic fiber Nomex , with a triple folding clasp for safety and comfort.

The new El Primero Lightweight is also distinguished by its dial , dynamic reinterpretation of the codes of the collection. The central part of the skeleton work has become even more light , while allowing clear view of the El Primero caliber (also visible through the transparent background) . The date display system disk has been reduced and reworked , with figures silhouetted against a pierced red dot at 6 o’clock. The faceted indexes were dug up before being highlighted with a luminescent coating. The light gray counters , blue and anthracite resume three emblematic colors Chronograph El Primero 1969 , became iconic for the brand. The red second hand , with its little star Zenith accurately measure prowess tenth of a second – like on the dashboards of the greatest champions .

The El Primero chrono Lightweight undoubtedly heralds the beginnings of new developments at a time when the brand with the star is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2015 . To be continued …

Breitling Aerospace Evo : new look for this electronic multifunction chronograph

Breitling Aerospace Evo : new look for this electronic multifunction chronograph
The independent Swiss watchmaker Breitling Aerospace has redesigned his famous electronic multifunction chronograph ( SuperQuartz ) in a style that is ” more powerful, more dynamic , but still technical .” Three dials available , Breitling Watches several bracelets and an optional auxiliary Co -Pilot integrated metal bracelet electronics module.


Launched in 1985, the Aerospace has established itself as one of the flagship models of the Breitling Professional range. Equipped with a certified chronometer SuperQuartz movement ten times more accurate than ordinary quartz, it is distinguished by its system of particularly simple and logical order.

Indeed, just turn , push or pull the crown to activate all functions useful to airmen chronograph to 1 /100 second countdown , second time zone , alarm clock , sound signaling time ( minute repeater ) and calendar! Replica  Breitling Watches The Aerospace also has a very efficient and suitable for reading to the system backlight with night vision goggles ( NVG compatible) .
Replica Breitling Watches
Today , Breitling developed this model with new design cut . Sign of recognition : a diameter slightly enlarged, a bezel engraved with integrated riders , numbers and needles redesigned and beveled glass. The case, strong and lightweight titanium metal of choice for aerospace – is fully satin . The base is adorned with a conversion scale metric and imperial . This watch is available with three dials , black, blue or gray , with a leather strap , crocodile, rubber or titanium. Moreover, it can be fitted as an option , an auxiliary Co -Pilot integrated metal bracelet electronics module.

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date : future classic

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date : future classic
IWC Schaffhausen continues to develop its fully – Portofino collection revisited in 2011 – with the arrival of a beautiful new model ( big date , power reserve and small seconds ) in gray or red gold : the Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date . Certainly a future classic for the manufacture . On sale only in the IWC boutiques.


IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date
For more than a quarter century, the Portofino range is one of the stars of the IWC collections and the very expression of simplicity and elegance . Just like the quaint little Italian port town of Portofino which symbolizes dolce vita in the 1960s, ” IWC Watches  these watches embody the unique beauty and quiet charm ,” said the brand in a recent statement.

No doubt ! Belonging to the family of Portofino obvious. Discreetly elegant and resolutely . However, looking at the face closely , we discover that this timepiece houses watchmakers refinements such as its large date display at ” 12 o’clock “. Two hard work in perfect harmony . One indicates the tens using numbers from 0 to 3, while the other display units , from 0 to 9.

This synchronization between the two discs is the work of the IWC 59230 movement ( hand-wound ) , technical development based on the 59000 caliber family . With its large bridges and plates , the movement modernized guarantees a ” high degree of robustness and reliability” provides brand in a statement .

But this new Portofino is not only has a great date ! Replica IWC Watches It is also distinguished by its remarkable autonomy when fully wound , it delivers exactly 192 hours , 8 days , precision , without any intervention required. The display of the power reserve on the dial is set at three o’clock and small seconds at six.

The Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date is available in white gold with slate-colored dial , rhodium-plated hands and indexes, and black leather strap . The red gold version is available with silver dial, gold hands and hour markers and a dark brown leather bracelet .

Home Santoni , led by Giuseppe Santoni , belonging to the second generation of this famous Italian shoe manufacturer , produces leather bracelets exclusively for IWC Schaffhausen . When making bracelets in manufacturing , process gives the leather a patina , which gives it its characteristic color. Using this technique , the leather seems to have been worn and carefully maintained for several years , although it is quite new , of course.
Another feature typical Santoni orange leather lining that adorns the back of the bracelet.
IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date
IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date
IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Grande Date

The attention to buy replica watches

The attention to buy Watches

Simple buy watches note: check watch appearance parts, check the watch, watch the pointer to check the sensitivity of distance and position, check the watch winding mechanism, check the watch dial needle mechanism.

One, check watch appearance parts

Watch from the shell, table mirror, dial and when the needle, check. OMEGA watch case should not have trachoma and scratches, angular symmetry; rear cover and the upper shell screwed should closely; two equal distance of each ring and casing, mounting ears Huang hole should be in the watchcase foot tail position centered not partial, the depth of the hole is appropriate, so that the surface ring is not easy to fall off the table; the mirror should be no defect and scratches,replica HUBLOT watches transparent and bright; the three pin is installed correctly,replica watches needle and the needle, table between mirror and dial due and proper security clearance; finish coatings dial and pointer is good, no spots, lines or luminous dial dial complete; gap about 0.10.3mm between head and casing.

A sensitivity of two, check a watch

Watch the sensitivity refers to its balance automatic swing flexibility. Check method is:

1) will not have a have stopped watch gently shake, to observe the second move with the shaking force: Plum watch if the second hand in a very short time stopped, then this watch clockwork on foot can all walk (i.e., a torque free), high sensitivity second hand; if long time to walk, then this watch clockwork on foot can not finish replica watches (i.e. spring storage torque), the sensitivity is not high or table machine fault.

2) will never stop walking watch spring, slowly rotating head start on the second hand, observation: the rotation is less, the second starting earlier illustrate the sensitivity of the table is higher; otherwise, low sensitivity or other fault table machine.replica HUBLOT watches But beware of fast oscillating watch the spring stiffness is bigger, than the traditional frequency (18000 times / h) table confidential more spring to swing. replica watches The high sensitivity of the watch, on the foot of a clockwork continuity after walking over a longer period of time.

Spacing and position three, check the watch pointer。

Between hands and table mirror, dial and three needle should keep a certain distance, otherwise mutually have rubbed and affect the normal operation of the machine table. Check through the needle to observe. The hour hand and the minute hand position and interaction with the inspection method is normal or not is: will the minute hand and the hour hand dial to 3 point, 9 point, two needle is observed at right angles; dial to 6 point, replica HUBLOT watches two pin is in a straight line; a 12 point, two needle is coincidence.

Four, check the watch winding mechanism

Normal watches shall be easy. Rotating the head section, first of all feel loose, gradually more and more tightly on, when the rotating head can not move forward, the spring has been completely filled and a body working. If the rotation handle head article, “abnormal noise Cha”,replica iwc watches or the top teeth slipping phenomenon, the article on the mechanism of failure.

Handsetting mechanism five, check the watch

The watch should be flexible, reliable and uniform rotation pointer needle in the dial. Inspection should be focused on checking the minute wheel and the center axle friction fit tightness. Needle in the dial, if not too loose or tight feeling, that the normal sub wheel friction and fuel amount, on the contrary, needle to mechanical fault.

IWC new pilot series special edition landing Beijing

IWC new pilot series special edition landing Beijing

Keywords: IWC watches, Beijing Fangcaodi flagship store, the pilot series, Gao Xiaosong, Ning Caishen
Schafhausen IWC watches was present three pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Force Special Edition watch in Beijing Fangcaodi flagship store. At that night, the famous musicians, directed by Gao Xiaosong, the famous writer Ning Caishen, and many IWC watches loyal table game together, the first experience of the IWC watches limited edition new exquisite beyond compare, enthusiastic about flying legend.
Classical and pioneer a legendary night flight
In the evening, elegant atmosphere and full of unique details of the IWC watches Beijing Fangcaodi flagship shop, is turning into a legend of the flying space: exquisite precious ancient legendary fighter pilot model, clothing and equipment dazzling, shock simulation flight experience for the guests to create an immersive flutter the sky atmosphere. Famous music director, Gao Xiaosong,replica watches the famous writer Ning Caishen as IWC watches beloved ones, with the flying dream came to the scene, feel the brand unique masculine spirit, unique charm of small reward pilots watch, IWC watches brings experience flying passion. Many pilots, flight enthusiasts also attracted the appointment, to participate in activities, talk and appreciation of IWC pilots watch created by the history and splendid.
New eye-catching color, flying fighter wing in the sky
The magnificent IWC watches pilots throughout the history of watches, the watch design style, always uphold masculine pioneer, enterprising, surface design is very recognizable reminiscent of instrument cockpit sophisticated, wake the man heart the spirit of adventure. At that night, the most eye-catching is three the appearance of the new pilot series special edition watch: with the red pointer and scale of large-scale pilot series TOP GUN naval air forces perpetual calendar watch store special edition (model IW502903);replica IWC watches with the green pointer and scale of large type pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Force watch the store special edition (model IW501903); and with blue pointer and scale pilot series TOP GUN naval air forces chronograph watch store special edition (type IW388003). Instrument display jet will be displayed in different colors in the night, it is IWC watches’s designers are inspired by this, designed the three special edition watch brand, for the popular TOP GUN naval air forces series family add eye-catching color, make the numerous guests fall in love at first sight.

TOP GUN series named in the United States Navy fighter defenseschool provides “fighter tactics guide” special training course(the famous alias for TOP GUN). Any can control the jet of the most modern and successful completion of the course of peoplewill become the most be trained with regularity, quickest and most courageous world-class elite pilot. Since 2007, TOP GUNnaval air forces series has become IWC watches pilots watchStar series. The classical TOP function GUN naval air forcesseries is equipped with traditional pilots watch, andintegration of advanced technology, high-tech materials andmodern design elements, and masculinity.replica IWC watches All the time, watchespointer, is located in the “three o’clock”, “six o’clock” and”nine o’clock” marking the position and “twelve o’clock”position of the triangle mark are covered with luminouselement, ensure can also clearly read time even in the poorvisibility. The whole TOP GUN naval air forces series are equipped with a IWC watches self movement.

Three new watches is the high-tech ceramic case, the bottom of the table and the crown is made of titanium, sturdy and durable, light weight, and is comfortable to wear. Among them,a large pilot series TOP GUN naval air forces perpetual calendar watch store special edition comes with a variety of complex functions, such as display with four digit year display calendar, permanent moon phase display and 7 day power reserve.A small window at the twelve o’clock position “, showed thenorthern and southern hemispheres phase state. Internal blackhigh-tech ceramic casing with automatic winding movement is one of the highest performance: IWC watches 51614 type machine with high efficiency Pellaton chain system. The watch is Schafhausen IWC watches has a history of one of the most complex pilots watch has made. The bottom of the table engraved fine TOP GUNinsignia, global limited edition of 250 pieces, unique and precious.

Top technology integration of large-scale pilot series TOP GUNNavy Air Force watch store special version of a perfect 1940′ssimple instrument style and the twenty-first Century. With the IWC watches made 51111 type movement, the full chain after 7 days of continuous operation. The bottom of the table engravedfine TOP GUN insignia, global limited edition of 500 pieces.

The pilot series TOP GUN naval air forces chronograph watchstore special edition has antimagnetic protection device andglass table mirror can resist collapse pressure.replica watches Watch equipped with IWC watches made 89365 type movement, can provide 68 hours of power reserve. Dial the cockpit design, date display and the finder of the shape is very similar. Central timing pointer can display accurate to seconds of time recording, “twelve o’clock”location of small dial display minutes run time. By means ofintegral fly back function, only need to press the reset button, timing pointer will return to zero,replica watches and then start a new timing. The bottom of the table engraved fine TOP GUNinsignia, global limited edition of 500 pieces.

Panerai history series new to Radiomir watch.

Panerai history series new to Radiomir watch.

Keywords: Panerai, Radiomir, watch, mechanical watch, history series, senior watch

With the new Radiomir California 3 Days 3 and Radiomir S.L.C. 3power storing watch Days 3 power storage watch out, watchinternational advanced model of Radiomir watch again coruscate newborn. Brand by virtue of the two watches, to pay tribute tothe important milepost Panerai history Radiomir watch.

In 1936, Panerai created Radiomir watch for Royal Italy Navycommandos utility. These two new Radiomir watches the direct use of the trial works in many features paragraph: 47 mm diameter steel pillow case, slender linear table ears, replica panerai watches conicalcrown and refining, minimalistic dial, can be clearly read timearguing even in the light and weak condition. They are different in that the dial design.

Radiomir California 3 Days 3 power storage watch using almost certainly is assembled in the Radiomir case first dial design,presented alternately Arabia digital Rome digital time scale.With the addition of OP logo engraved on the outer edge of thetwelve o’clock position ”CALIFORNIA” and three o’clock positiondate small windows, make whole design more prominent dial.

Radiomir S.L.C. 3 DAYS 3 power storage watch also uses the richhistory of the dial, rod like and dot hour mark presented alternately, design exudes a strong minimalist style. Thisdesign is about creating in the late 1930′s, Witkey trialsandwich type structure and the dial. The dial is corresponding to the two sheets of hollow timing transmission out. The namecomes from ”Siluro a Lenta watch Corsa” the abbreviation(S.L.C.), a slow torpedo. Equipped with Panerai watches and other equipment of the Royal Italy Navy commandos is driving it to perform the arduous task of water. On the dial decorated with relief pattern for the slow torpedo, ”S.L.C.” is engraved on the outer edge of the range on the twelve o’clock.

And the history table section, its interior is equipped withmanual winding mechanical movement, but after the update to nowthe highest standards of craftsmanship. Two tables are equipped with a precision P.3000 meter factory self movement,replica watches completely by officine Panerai self research and development. P.3000 corediameter of 16? Method, the typical structure of bridge plate,two spring box three, dynamic storage, variable inertia balance wheel diameter of 13.2 mm, the screw can watch rate adjustmentthrough external to the edge of the. Through the surface of thecrystal glass can see this movement style.

Radiomir California 3 Days 3 power storage watch (PAM00424) and Radiomir S.L.C. 3 DAYS 3 power storage watch (PAM00425) arehistorical series (Historic Collection) watches, and are equipped with a curved sapphire crystal glass and brown leatherstrap and polished steel clasp, inspired by the early watches.

Radiomir California 3 Days 3 power storage Watch

Movement: Panerai P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement,completely by Panerai development method, 16?, 5.3 mm thick, 21 stone, Glucydur? Balance wheel, vibration 21600 times per hour.Incabloc shockproof device?. 3, dynamic storage, 2 spring box.The 162 part.

Function: time, date.

Case: 47 mm in diameter, AISI316L polished steel, withdetachable type lugs (Panerai patent). Screw type chain crownengraved with the ”OP” logo.

Box: polished steel.

The bottom of the table cover: transparent sapphire crystal glass.

Dial: black, with Arabia and Rome digital and luminous hourmark.

Crystal glass: sapphire crystal glass, made by corundum,thickness 2.8 mm. Anti reflective coatings.

Waterproof: up to 10 bar (~100 m).

Strap: engraved PANERAI logo leather strap, with large polishedsteel clasp.

Model: PAM00424

Bright case 165 years inheritance flares to F.A.Lange greeting series come on stage

Germany of international hall levelWrist watchBrand (A. Ange Shne) to with ” traditional and pithy, outstanding ” technology of outstanding tabulation craft, innovation and bright design are famous in watch altar, bear the palm countless. Patriarch Feierdinaduo. Adolf.A Lange & Sohne(Ferdinand A. Lange) depends on the true-blue, aspiration to tabulation and skill, at lane of first tabulation job founding 165 years ago, besides established A Lange & Sohne in order to make ” optimal wrist is expressed on the world ” besides the brand philosophy that is a tenet, more establish of German tabulation industry leaves job of all ages radical. The delegate character of sex of the look up before for souvenir this is had, the brand is special roll out at the current year ” 165 years to Feierdinaduo. Series of greeting of Adolf.A Lange & Sohne ” , use hardness of the gold that compare platinum with the classic of common of be astonished of 3 Jing world more brand-new lubricious gold of gold alloy honey is made, global set limit to set limit to of 50 TOURBOGRAPH Pour Le Mrite, whole world flywheel wrist expresses 150 LANGE 1 Tuo and 265 1815 phase wrist expresses global set limit to, eulogize the spirit of author of craft of German nicety tabulation.
Wrist of Tourbograph ‘Pour Le Mrite’ expresses watchcase: Watchcase of gold of 18KA Lange & Sohne expresses diameter: 41.2 millimeter function: When, system of transmission of refine of flywheel of cent, second, Tuo, sesame seed, double chase after a needle to time stopwatch machine core: Kinetic energy of L903.0 machine core: 36 hours of watchband: Leather watchband set limit to: 50. ” 165 years to Feierdinaduo? Adolf? Series of greeting of A Lange & Sohne ” , 3 wrist watch includes flywheel of TOURBOGRAPH Pour Le Mrite, ANGE 1 Tuo and watch of 1815 phase wrist to all use unprecedented unique ability to be a brand character gold makes the 18K honey scene of special development, hardness exceeds Vickers 300 degrees, double what be other gold qualitative alloy about, blend in contemporary wisdom and masterly craft, reveal Feierdinaduo. Adolf. The tabulation with of long standing and well established, excelsior A Lange & Sohne is artistic.
Wrist of flywheel of Tuo of Lange 1 Tourbillon expresses watchcase of gold of 18KA Lange & Sohne to express diameter: 38.5 millimeter function: When, cent, second, big date, motivation stores show, core of Tuo flywheel machine: Kinetic energy of L961.2 machine core: 72 hours of watchband: Leather watchband set limit to: 150.
1815Moonphase wrist expresses watchcase: Watchcase of 18K rose gold expresses diameter: 34.7 millimeter function: When, cent, second, phase shows machine core: Kinetic energy of L943.2 machine core: 45 hours of watchband: Set limit to of crocodilian skin watchband: 265. About A Lange & Sohne of German tabulation brand, with regarding a brand as characteristic close to the horological technology of be lost, bear the creation spirit like lifelike word. It is at present minority has the wrist that contains machine core technology to express a brand, actual strength, its crackajack tabulation craft and Switzerland top class brand keeps abreast of, express medium Wang Zhe for mechanical wrist. Of the brand only then the Feierdinaduo that start a person. Adolf.A Lange & Sohne was born in German Delesideng 1815, ever followed royalty palace is horological Si Xueyi of division Gu Tekai, below the edificatory of fine division, what he expresses to wrist is true-blue grow day and day, 1845, he more establishing Ange Cie expresses a factory, the supplier that this action drove balance of a lot of professional gem, screw, gear, hairspring, balance or index establishs a plant in Glashutte in succession, laid the development cornerstone of course of study of German nicety tabulation from now on, and the tabulation spirit with familial A Lange & Sohne, also put different to collect greatly subsequently. Wrist of Lange Zeitwerk Nous expresses watchcase: Platinic gold watchcase expresses diameter: 41.9 millimeter function: When jumping, mix jump cent, little second hand, motivation stores demonstrative machine core: Kinetic energy of core of machine of the catenary on L033.1 hand: 36 hours of watchband: Leather watchband set limit to: 100.

CASIO 2010 sweethearts witnesses melting love to the watch

Year old of annual end, choose a gift that admire in the heart for oneself and the person that he loves, it is expression the most traditional also be best means. What should express love is artful think of special, have the elaborate choice that needs an observant and conscientious person. 2010, in the special hour with the Christmas and coming New Year, might as well chooseSweetheartsTo the watch, write love between wrist.
CASIO 2010 sweethearts is witnessed to the watchMeltingLove
Wrist of pioneer of the tide below CASIO banner expresses brand G-SHOCK and BABY-G, to meet the Christmas this year and new year’s day, special couplet hand push gives sweethearts wrist to express OV-10A/LOV-10B, dazzle cruel and nifty combination, make the love gift of sweet romance.
White romance theme the love to convey chasteness, used snow-white color to expressing body all, roll out in white Christmas, money letting a list looks send out the romantic breath with a particular christmas day. Expressing a paragraph also is to show originality on the collocation of color, on the foundation of mass-tone white, the position that expresses dot of circle, finger, hour besmears respectively went up ablaze aureate IP coating, the position of circle letting a list had outstanding feeling and existence feeling more. White is aureate match, the fashionable grace that shows a list of this pair of sweethearts is temperamental.
The design that melting to expressing testimony love expresses CASIO 2010 sweethearts this pair lies distinctly at, male watch uses arrow form hour hand, cooperate female watch to set on the originality design of the window of heart form small table that copy gets, originate the myth of Angus, one arrow decides affection, make lasting love.
Pink happiness recollects melting, beautiful love story to be worth to let collect carefully of each pairs of sweethearts be in the heart, the memory that becomes eternity and share. This is right to sweethearts express OV-10B, those who open system is pink, brilliant, also convey a pure, youth, happiness. The good love of green after all period, can be our purest memory, innocent belt nods romance. Of match colors face apply, the cruel interest that shows a G-SHOCK and BABY-G itself place adequately to have feels and tide is spent, the black of dial and main body lubricious pink form sharp contrast, existence feels dye-in-the-wood. This the sweethearts back to the watch engraves the brand of love the devil that has CASIO sweethearts is exclusive and indicative love and angel totem, special and significant, every detail enough expresses feeling express the idea. Deserve to go up chic sweethearts packs a box, the sweetness with right in pairs feels with respect to the earth’s surface of such graceful and restrained dew does not have involuntary discharge of urine. Devil angel carries quarter sweethearts on the back to carry the devil of quarter and angelic design on the back to the watch, the lover that representative case differs and attracts each other concerns, imprint the good time that two people spend together. Here has a beautiful fokelore. In fokelore, have the angel Lucifer of powerful force, punish by indignant god, degenerate the hell to injustice, but be in personally the angel Michael of heaven, still loving Lucifer deeply, two parts that oppose then – devil and angel, be full of be apt to and evil, darkness and light, love and hate, reason formed the devil of indicative love and angel totem. Carry love, in the Christmas or the day that New Year comes, for beloved person selected piece wrist is expressed, buy it, you return the gift that will get additionally expect is less than, include hare of lovely laborious the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches to hang adorn, the USB sound box that confuses you, all gift serve as match colors with red, festival and lucky, bring you happiness and joy.

Ni but time of Ladymatic of eggplant of open Europe rice

Switzerland is top class and horological brand (OMEGA) announces formally to roll out to the whole world in Beijing at 10/29 dayOmegaAdymatic is brand-new wrist expresses series, ni of ambassador of figure of Omega whole world but Jideman (Nicole Kidman) also is attended to Beijing on invitation with spokesman identity attend the meeting, ni can wear silk of a rice white to grow foreign outfit character, echo is brand-new the 50 time grace that place of the Ladymatic that express a paragraph is about to communicate is luxuriant. Omega is brand-new Ladymatic wrist expresses series with brand-new fashionable scene, the manipulator with combinative the most outstanding whole world expresses machine core, give 21 centuries are savoured independently, high and the new era woman that has percipient greatly.
Ni but Mo Na of Jean-Claude Monachon of president of research and development of product of Omega of open OmegaLadymatic time still the gentleman expresses: ” acting 1950, the female’s life condition had evolve gravely, have in each domain a lot of crackajack and the woman that has force, and Omega deduces this to result from afresh the Ladymatic 1955, not only the tabulation with indicative outstanding Omega is most advanced technology, more the elegant drive that on behalf of this brand photograph of one arteries and veins takes. ” Kui of Omega president Er (Stephen Urquhart) compensatory say: ” when Omega rolled out Ladymatic first 1955, the name of watch dash forward show the advantage with particular set. Ladymatic is what set for the lady only is automatic go up refine watch. Ladymatic name emersion, also express so much year come, the female is the customer that Omega height values all the time group. We also hope at the same time, brand-new Ladymatic can establish the brand-new model that women’s and mechanical wrist expresses 21 centuries. ” go up in the press conference, ni but Jideman states she likes Ladymatic very much, because Ladymatic is one special the list of female machinery wrist that makes for the female, dai Qi comes very lightsome, exterior is exceedingly fashionable also, no matter what circumstance is OK,deserve to wear. Ni is funny complement says, she supports female motion all along, it is OK to find eventually now the classical watch fund that can represent a woman most.
Ni but Ladymatic of open Adymatic time- – Ni of the most fashionable ambassador of figure of whole world of rigid list Omega but Jideman (Nicole Kidman) also is attended to Beijing on invitation with spokesman identity attend the meeting, ni can wear silk of a rice white to grow foreign outfit character, echo is brand-new the 50 time grace that place of the Ladymatic that express a paragraph is about to communicate is luxuriant. The name of OmegaLadymatic comes from the brilliant history of the brand, this series watch results from 1955, it is Omega the first female be an official is automatic go up catenary watch, assembled the automatic machine core with the most cabinet at that time Omega, delicate and luxuriant design, reveal the temperament with elegant charm of that time female dye-in-the-woodly. Continued classical Ladymatic is over wrist expresses craft, series of brand-new 2010 OmegaLadymatic wrist watch is design for modern woman only, possessed fashionable modelling and outstanding machine core at the same time. If the wave line like lace is designed,the watchcase exterior that Ladymatic wrist expresses is having, watchcase color and surround the white pottery and porcelain of the watchcase inside the move, presented the administrative levels aesthetic feeling of double color, and from dial center the grain of outward scattering more with fashionable wrist the watch designs perfect echo. Ni but series of Ladymatic of open Adymatic time, 18K rose gold, diamond expresses a circle, what shellfish dial is worth white mother-of-pearl to be carried more is, the is not watch of wrist of general traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women to often be used quartz that Ladymatic place carries machine core, however Omega coaxial captures core of vertical 8520/8521 machine, every machine core all buy has the Si14 silicon hairspring with particular Omega, jie is touched with strengthening suffer ab extra shake to be disturbed with the environment. Watch of every Ladymatic wrist all has attestation of Swiss government observatory, have 4 years keep firm. Ladymatic wrist expresses the rigid list that makes all along in relief firm flavour heavier, now also can the attitude with the most fashionable grace, capture obtains what the female watch of new era confuses to love! Ladymatic is what set for the lady only is automatic go up refine watch, embarking Omega coaxial captures core of vertical 8520/8521 machine, buy has the Si14 silicon hairspring with particular Omega, . Watchcase of Ladymatic 34mm polish has gold of 18K rose gold, 18K, stainless steel 3 kinds of material are qualitative, have set the costly design that get or it is agile without set get a design, the metallic watchband of collocation and watchcase echo or the watchband of short kiss skin that are pearl white or black. The design of diversification, let every female watch confuse the Ladymatic that can find to accord with his to be savoured distinctly! 2010 brand-new OmegaLadymatic series inheritance the advanced tabulation craft of half century, and the elegant and decorous style that comes from 50 time, nowadays, more in classic and elegant characteristic, infuse is contemporary fashionable vogue element, should let all tall savour a female, from deserve to wear watch of an attractive wrist to begin, blossom exclusive oneself self-confidence is beautiful ” watch ” affection! Ladymatic whole set shares 28 design.